A little bit About Us ...

We believe that childhood should be filled with millions of sweet memories that make your little one feel special in their way.
BubKid was born to provide your precious one needs with AFFORDABLE price, from PREMIUM Quality Costume to Bargain BOUTIQUE Quality girl dresses (Vintage inspired, Sparkly glamour sequin, Chic style, Tutu, Lace dress, and more).

We are sourcing the best quality product with exclusively limited design which you don’t normally find in other store.
Our collections have wide range of beautiful unique dress designs that is handpicked carefully to ensure quality, perfect for special occasions (Photo Shoot, Book Week, Wedding, Birthday, Christening) and everyday wear.

If you are looking for Gorgeous and Exclusive Boutique Quality dress Without royal price tag, then look no further, BubKid is sure to deliver! Lets make your little one unforgettable moment together.